Trust An Agent Whose Been There

Search for farm insurance in Hoosick Falls, NY, Washington County or Warren County

Finding the right insurance to protect you, your family and your business takes more than just a few clicks and fifteen minutes. Turn to someone who has been in your shoes to help you find the right policy with the best coverage.

Justin Gaines of The Gaines Group grew up on a farm in Hoosick Falls, NY and knows first-hand what protecting it means. As a risk management professional both in the field and in the office, he's well-equipped to identify potential risks that you may overlook. All of your biggest assets will be covered by a comprehensive policy, and you will have the peace of mind you need.

Contact us in Hoosick Falls, NY today to shop for farm insurance, life insurance or home insurance options available in Washington and Warren counties.

We know how business works

Justin holds a B.S. in Marketing and in Accounting, giving him the knowledge needed to help you expand your farm and grow your business. By assisting with financial planning and assessing your current finances, we can help leverage your assets to grow your business. And with the right farm insurance policy behind you, you won't have to worry about a low-yield year holding you back.

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